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    公司產品廣泛應用于航天、船舶、火車、汽車、摩托車、空調配管、排氣管、高壓油管、剎車油管, 同樣也應用于民用產品例如自行車、童車、健身器材、鋼家具制造、休閑旅游用品、以及防盜門窗、不銹鋼管等行業的生產廠家。 是各種管材型材切割、縮擴、彎曲、倒角、鉚接加工及要求特殊成型的理想機械設備。
    公司遵循誠信立足、創新致遠的經營理念。 真誠期待與您攜手共進,共創輝煌!
    ShangHai VastHan Electro-mechanical equipment Co., LTD is a company, engage in equipment design and manufacture in metal tube forming. Has a very professional and strong experience teams in equipment design and development. Continue to improve and innovate the technical to meet the market and the customers demand, supply the full design scheme of the metal tube auto-manufacture equipment. Also, we have more experience in metal tube manufacture process and brazing process.
    Our equipments are wide used Auto industry in aerospace, boat, train, automatic, motor, air-conditioning tube, exhaust pipe, high pressure fuel pipe, braking pipe. Also, used in civil products manufacture like bike, bassinet, gymnastically equipment, steel furniture, leisure and travelling parts and the windows. Our equipment is your best choice of tube cutting, forming, bending, chamfering, riveting and other special demanding.
     We can supply many types of equipment, such as CNC auto bending machine, ends forming machine, grooving machine, riveting machine, cutting machine, chamfering machine, brazing machine or Al welding machine, knurling machine and so on, with material up-down automatically.  Also we can give the solutions according to the customers’ special request.
    Our company fellow the base of faith and innovate as the management idea. Sincerely wishes to cooperate with you to get a further step and success.  

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